Digestion and What We Can Do to Help Ourselves

The Stomach and Digestion

Many people suffer from digestive woes. Some people have it and it can even happen to our pets. One problem can be what is called gastroparesis, or delayed emptying off the stomach.

Signs and symptoms can be nausea, vomiting, feeling very full right away when eating, and bloating.

Don’t worry, help is on its way. There are many causes like post viral infection from a Norovirus or Epstein Barr. Your doctor can check for it and treat the virus. I have seen clients who used their homeopath to make remedies to null and void an old virus from the past with success, along with our hands on work.

For many people it is truly a neurological issue where the Vagus Nerve is not sending proper information to the stomach to tell it to contract and pull up. The stomach is a very strong muscle with nerves that help it function. When food is in it contracts to squish the food around and help it function, like to produce hydrochloric acid and for the parietal cells in the lining of the stomach to send out good digestive juices that all break down the food, vitamin B-12 and more.

Watch the video for what we can do physically using Feldenkrais® hands-on and Tellington-TTOUCH® to help get the nervous system of the belly to wake up again and function well. Because as we all know what happens in the belly doesn’t stay in the belly. Our brain and psyche can feel so much better. And isn’t that a better place to be. I think so.

Enjoy, Elinor Silverstein

What we can do to help our stomach function better


  1. Terrific!. Would this be helpful for constipation problems too? T Touch on the intestines?

    • The most helpful information for Gastroparesis I have ever heard!! Thank you

  2. I’m going to give this a go w my service dog,Cosmos
    He has a reflux problem. I blend his food to pate texture and its

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