Activate those Glutes

It’s no accident that we as humans were meant to walk upright. Let’s consider what happens when we walk upright or bent over.

Cheers to your rear!

I was out for a nice walk along the beach this morning and became wonderfully aware that while walking upright at a decent but not too fast pace, that my gluteus muscles felt activated. They were not clenching or anything on purpose. Yet, this beautiful activation of the muscles and up along my low back. It felt absolutely delicious.

When we walk with freedom in our whole body, then a natural and healthy consequence is an activation of a multitude of systems, muscles included. If we think of our muscles as part of our systems to full functioning then it makes complete sense that they are involved in our health and well-being.

Walk forward, let yourself feel soft and natural, strong and upright. Notice what happens down yonder on your backside. Notice how it also naturally keeps you upright and smooth. It really is quite amazing, and effortless.

Now, walk bent forward or to the side and walk with a falling forward or side way. Absolutely no activation of your gluteus muscles and all they are connected to. Notice that when you stop, you might even feel a stoop in your posture. It takes a lot of effort and energy to stay upright now.

Instead, now, go back to this natural arm swinging motion, with the opposite leg and arm connection, like right arm, left leg, etc. Keep it easy and very natural. Notice how easy it is to breathe, see ahead of you, and smile. Take a break and now notice how easy it is to be strong, tall and upright. Yes, it is that easy.

Isn’t life great when we follow the principles of nature. Ah, yes. Enjoy your day, feel good, smile, and take a good walk. Live long and prosper in your body, it’s yours to keep.

warm heart hugs,

Elinor Silverstein
Feldenkrais Method® Teacher,Movement Intelligence® Teacher, TrainerTTOUCH for You®