A Little Shake called Essential Tremor

Who are we supposed to blame when when we see our hand start to shake and tremor? Is it in our genes, our brain, our use of self, tight muscles, overuse?

Essential Tremor

While, my own personal days of wanting to be a neurosurgeon might be over, my days of touching, healing, cooking, gardening, and even painting are still wide open. After giving thanks to all that is and life’s experiences, we can move ahead to do the good work with ourselves and others.

We can look at this essential tremor in many ways, rather than saying it is idiopathic which only means we don’t know why it happens. So, let’s do the good work of gentle Feldenkrais touch and movement, along with Tellington-TTOUCH on ourselves.

You will hear me talk about fascia, connective tissue, nerve conduction, and the ever so exciting conversation of liquid crystalline collagen continuum. It is really quite simple, and you too, can feel it and help yourself.

And let’s all say, “Everyday in everyday, I am better and better.”

warmly, Elinor Silverstein

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