Healing Ourselves and Our Dogs, Mineral-Rich Soup

We are coming into the Fall and what better time to make ourselves a bowl of mineral rich soup. Summer tends to be filled with a lighter fare loaded in fun foods and lots of fresh veggies for salads. When Fall comes people all around the world traditionally stock up and enjoy root veggies which are loaded in minerals.

What great timing because as it happens, roots are so easy to store over the winter and being loaded in very important minerals they help to make us feel good all over and heal the gut and immune system. Many minerals help in functioning of neurotransmitters because our nerves and brain and organs need these minerals greatly, also.

Most people and animals are deficient in minerals for the simple fact the soil in N. America is lacking it from all the continuous and forced growing methods. By letting the earth go fallow, giving the earth a rest to allow it to re-enrich itself, we will all reap the rewards to healthy producing land and soil. Our health and well-being relies on it.
Most big farms keep pushing the crops through not allowing this time for rest because they feel the pressure to continuously produce. Many organic farmers know the importance of letting the earth rest which has shown their produce from their lands to have higher levels of vitamins and minerals rather than from forced growing methods. It is worth the extra cost of organic when you can.

If you can, buy organic for you and your four-legged beloveds. If not, you can also take mineral supplements, but for me, I would prefer my nutrients to come from food. You have choices.
You will be doing yourself a favor in the short run and long run. Believe me, we feel better when our brain and body is running on good, clean, healthy food.

It’s time to go to our kitchens and heal ourselves, how wonderful is this!

with love and belly love and nutrition,

Elinor Silverstein

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