Protecting Farm Animals and Giving Them More Living Space


When you buy your produce in the market you can easily see if it has been grown sustainably and organic, or not. But one thing you don’t need to take into consideration is how much crowding they have had to endure in their growing conditions.

When it comes to farm animals, on the other hand, Californians have proven once again to care about these animals and their over crowded, “barely” living conditions.

When I teach my dog food cooking classes I frequently find myself saying, “You are more than what you eat. You are what they ate. You are the life they lived.” No matter what food preferences you choose, how your plants and animals are grown do in fact matter to your overall health and wellness.

Overcrowded plants can only be planted close to each other if they are genetically modified to do so. I know this, because I was one of the Botany students involved in the playing around with the changing of wheat so it could grow even closer to teach other and still produce wheat. We saw the results of gluten going sky-high. But, it didn’t seem to matter to anyone. I called out to them the old TV commercial saying, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. ” But, really the bottom line was all that mattered to them.

Then, when I studied Poultry, Beef, Sheep, and Swine production, it was much the same way. Actually, my school was pretty amazing, they really did care about the animals and mostly they lived a full free range, grazing lifestyle. All except the poultry. And those images I will never forget. The poor hens were tightly fit into small cages not higher than their heads, 3-5 hens per small cage. I won’t go on. But it was really unfair and not considering their well-being at all. My words always fell on deaf ears to my professors.

Finally, well over 30 years later a new Proposition demanding and requiring that none of these animals will be caged in again. I know, I know, it will never be perfect. But, one thing we know, the majority of the wonderful State of California, the leader in animal welfare and more, voted resoundingly so to vote yes on Proposition 12, to give all farm animals better living circumstances. None to be crammed in cages or crates where they can’t move or stretch themselves.

I understand, there are a lot of human beings who eat meat and eggs and dairy. Many are trying to eat less animal protein and more vegetable. Others have completely converted to no animal product at all.

What I am writing is not about that. Everyone should make their own decision as to what they eat and how they do it. No one should tell you how to eat. Know yourself, maybe your body likes more or less or none. As long as you know yourself and eat mindfully and now knowingly, you can live and sleep better.

At least this is how I feel and I will be living and sleeping better knowing our farm animals are being treated better.

Please listen to this wonderful interview with Sean Hennessy from The Humane Society of the United States. He is one amazing human being. I feel so fortunate to have met and listened to him.

Kindly, Elinor

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