Book Club #1, “Oxytocin,” by Linda Tellington-Jones

Today, I hosted Linda Tellington-Jones very first online Book Club and it was wonderful! Our first book to study with this extraordinary woman was, “Oxytocin, The Hormone of Healing and Hope,”  by        Dr. K Paul Stoller.

I have spent years with Linda and her astounding way of sharing books, incredible information and insight she has gathered and processed along the way. I clearly remember last year in Hawaii with her when she  yet, again, started quoting a whole paragraph from someone’s book that we must read. I was sitting in awe of her ability to be able to remember exact books, authors and the pages from which she is quoting. But, more so it would be the ensuing conversations after her quoting that would really send me into “inspire land!” 

I turned to her and begged, “Linda, we simply must create a book club for you with your recommendations and then put it out on the internet and let as many people join us from all over the world as they would desire. And so, we did!

Today’s book is on Oxytocin and its miraculous health benefits it gives us both physically and emotionally. Linda and I have been very intrigued by this natural hormone and how it helps all of us, even especially kids on the Autism spectrum. I am currently doing a study on measuring oxytocin levels on participants at one of California’s prestigious universities, as is one of our colleagues in Germany.            As Dr Seuss said, “Oh the places we will go!” And we will!

Please enjoy this very first book club, her reading and our discussions. Together we can heal ourselves and heal others.

warmly, always,  Elinor Silverstein                                                                                                     



  1. Really enjoyable.Thank you Linda. Thank you Elinor. Heart hugs were the only thing that helped my mum when she was so ill and having increasing numbers of panic attacks during her final months.

  2. My email has the number 5 because it represents GRACE ( unmerited love and favor. By face my friend connected me to this sisterhood this morning. Thank you…. I feel you , I see you, I will share you! And gratitude for my friend Sherry in HI that brought this wonder-fullllll book club and women to my heart, soul and Spirit space living here in Washington.

  3. Hi! My friend sent me the link so I could watch the video of your book club chat session. I loved it! I’m going through a a difficult stage right now. Just watching & listening made me feel MUCH better! Of course I did a few “Heart Hugs” on myself for good measure! Thank you for sharing the love.

  4. I would love to be included in the next book club!!
    I didn’t know about this until after it was over.
    What a wonderful idea……So excited!
    I have been a fan/follwer of Linda’s for many years-from the late 80’s.

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