Brain Health and Oxytocin, Interview with Dr Michael Harrington of the Huntington Medical Research Institutes

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 11.18.27 AMWhat’s Oxytocin Got to Do With it?

I’ll tell you! Oxytocin has a lot to do with our body’s ability to heal, both physically and emotionally. It is the hormone that is intrinsically involved in our ability to connect with one another and heal old wounds, in many ways. It helps new moms bond with their babies and helps babies to grow up to be healthy people. We make more of this amazing hormone just by softly gazing into one another’s eyes. How nice is that.

My hope is that when we can study how movement is involved in creating oxytocin production in our body, we can use this as a strong indicator of how well toned our vagal nerve is. You’ve heard me talk about the importance of our vagal nerve function in past posts.

In this short clip, it is just the beginning of talking with Dr Harrington about how we can better understand our own internal science and biochemistry and how we can use this in easy ways to make our lives easier and our health much better. How wonderful that movement can really rock our boat!

I am very thankful to have the support of an incredible researcher like  Dr Michael Harrington to help me with this study measuring oxytocin levels in people before and after Feldenkrais movement classes.

The Huntington Medical Research Institutes is home to his lab and research. And I want to thank him for making this possible.              Moshe Feldenkrais talks about making the impossible possible. Well, here is where it starts to come to fruition. Today we talk about what can be possible and what we know about the brain. Tomorrow we talk about what we can do about it. This in part is how the inquiring mind works.

Let’s do it!



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