Working Through the Soul of the Foot and Its Profound Implications

Goosebumps Make Changes

Goosebumps Make Changes

Today a client came in with hip pain in her left hip. This tends to be of chronic nature. But, nature it’s not. I could see her slight twist and rotation of her pelvis and thoracic region. In other words the twist happens almost everywhere, but in this case, the brunt in the left hip area, causing her angst. It started with her walking in, left shoulder lower than right, walking heavier on her left leg. Then the obvious showed when she way lying on the table.

In Feldenkrais Method thinking we sometimes do not start at the actual site of the problem, rather looking from the distal area of the body, back to the actual problem. Who knows where the actual source of the problem lies?

I was working through her left foot, the side of the painful hip. Each and every time I gently put my thumb on the underside of her foot and bent her foot from the pointing position to a more flexed position as in the picture, her leg got covered with goosebumps! As soon as I let the flexed foot come back to neutral, the goosebumps went away. I did this many times, and each and every time, met with the same results!

So, of course, I did the same to her easy right side that has no pain, and same results, goosebumps! I went back and forth between the well functioning side and the painful hip, seeing how we could create a neural transmission of information across one side of the brain to the other through the highway of nerve fibers and cells known as the Corpus callosum. I love my Corpus callosum, it probably has saved me many times in my own functioning brain, and you, too!

The goosebumps happened every time, nice and easy and we used it well in the movement lesson. Within about 10 mins, I stood up, looking how she was lying on her back, and voila, she was lying on the table perfectly even!

How could that be? That’s the top secret question with more conversation about biological learning and transferring learning from one part to our whole biological being. We are made to function as one whole being, so much can be learned, especially when we work with the more primitive areas and reflexes. It can spark a reminder of our better self and how to function to our fullest capacity.


Elinor Silverstein,                                                                        




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