Dinner Gone to the Dogs!

Today was a day gone to the dogs! Time to cook for everyone and that is what we did. It was actually quite simple, because yesterday I prepped all the vegetables, so all I needed to do today was lightly roast the beef, and blend it in with the veggies then package. All done!

1-Roasted meat

Meat was sprinkled with dry thyme to help in digestion and act a gentle antiseptic quality.


4-Ground meat with sweet potatoes and ground veggies

I ground the beef, added the already poached and pureed sweet potatoes, and ground raw vegetables on top.


5-meat a veggies all mixed together

Ground meat mixed with all the ground vegetables, yum!


6-Malka and Ginjr

Doggies ready to dine!


7-Dinner is served!

Dinner is served!


Even a kitty's got to eat!

Even a kitty’s got to eat!





Ta da! All done!

Ta da! All done!

Meat seasoned with dry thyme
50% of recipe is mixed veggies like cooked sweet potatoes, 
raw ground organic zucchini
raw ground peas(previously frozen)
raw ground organic green beans(previously frozen)
raw ground parsley
olive oil

mix all together, bag in freezer zip bags and store in freezer for use. All you will need to do is take out and defrost in the refrigerator overnight and it will be ready to serve to your four-legged beloveds. How easy is that!

Have a great day and beautiful pets!



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