Homemade Roasted Tomato Delight

Roasted tomatoes and Meyer lemon

Roasted tomatoes and Meyer lemon

I had several extra tomatoes sitting on the kitchen counter. What to do? I sliced them lengthwise into quarters, seasoned them with sea salt, cracked pepper, and extra virgin olive oil. I picked a Meyer lemon from my tree and sliced and seasoned it the same as the tomatoes. Then, set them on a baking sheet and in the oven on 325 they go! In less than 1 hr, they were ready to take out.  In the refrigerator, I had in a small jar of salted, crushed garlic in olive oil, just waiting to be used for something delicious.  After putting the roasted tomatoes and lemon quarters into a jar, I topped them off with more olive oil and the crushed, salted garlic. They can sit like this in the refrigerator for a long time. Soooo aromatic!


Organic Polenta cooked with roasted tomatoes

Organic Polenta cooked with roasted tomatoes

I sliced Organic Polenta, sprinkled it with a little sea salt and fresh cracked pepper, cooked in a pan on the stove and at the end I topped them with the seasoned, roasted tomatoes, along with a couple of small slivers of the Meyer lemon.



Polenta and Roasted Tomato Delight!

Polenta and Roasted Tomato Delight! Add a little feta, arugula and garlic chives, and ooh la la!

Off to sit and dine in my garden with my brood and dogs and kitties, while my honey decided to spend this Saturday at work. It’s ok, I can relax, read, cook, and play with all my animals!



With a view like this, who needs to go out?!



Even my kitties say the same. Yes, life is good. Soon my beloved will be home and together we will travel to our dear friends and dine the night away, along with very good wine, of course!

Have a most beautiful day, even if you never have to leave your abode!


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