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Annabelle's mum

Annabelle’s mum

Some blogs are long and some are short. Here, I am posting one of Annabelle’s lessons from earlier this week. As they are also on youtube, they have to be cut into 10 min segments. So, please, if you have the patience, watch them from 1.1-1.4 Then, you will see why Mom has what she has to say at the end, and it will make sense. You will also see, if you’ve been watching any of her video lessons, how far Annabelle has come in this time. I and sooooooo happy.

So sad, also that our time is coming soon to and end with her living here in the US, as they will be moving back home to England. But, have no fears, Mom now has all her videos up on youtube to watch and remember how to continue to work with her.

Moshe Feldenkrais would have been so happy, I can just see him smiling now, as Elizabeth Lotus says, that Moshe’s dreams are coming true that we can work and teach people even when we are not directly with them. Look, we can use the internet to communicate and teach some incredibly wonderful things! This has long been my dream to carry Moshe Feldenkrais’ work out this way.

I’m still working on figuring this out and how to do it. So, as we say in hebrew, “savlanut,” means “patience.” A lesson for us all. I hope the video links come up for you.

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