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I am so happy to finally have this forum in which to share with you the important pieces of info that I learn from some of the most wonderful people in my life. People like Dr Moshe Feldenkrais on learning to learn and using yourself in more functional ways. Ruthy Alon in her Bones For Life program on building stonger and supple bones. Yes, you can do both, it’s quite incredible. Linda Tellington-Jones, TTOUCH with animals, and now with people. I have been incorporating her work for over 25 yrs in my Feldenkrais Practice, espcially with brian injury. And lots of incredible and wonderful info in health and nutrition that comes from a large group of specialists from around the country, many of whom are the leading teachers in nutrition.  I will also share  some fabulous recipes, I just loooove goooood food!

Hopefully, I will have time to talk lots about you and your nervous system, and what helps make you tick. You know, a wonderful old man once told me, “If you kow what you’re doing, you can do what you want.”  Imagine that!

I might even share with you some of what I, personally am going thru right now in pet health. Many of you might know, I have been teaching pet health and nutrition for many years. One of my degrees in science was Zoology and pre veterinary medicine, my other was in Biology and pre-medicine in the human sciences. So, I promise you, I don’t just come off the cuff with statements of health and wellness.

Now, one of my own dogs, a male standard poodle, ony seven yrs old, has cancer. And unfortunately, one that is not “curable.” So, we’re on the road of both allopathic and holistic medicine, and of course quite wonderful food from the kitchen.

One thing I have leaned is that life is not perfect for any of us, for sure. No matter how “perfectly” we live it. I know about cars that come out of nowhere and end your day, I know about pianos falling out of the sky, I know about perfectly healthy people who get perfectly ugly diseases. But, mostly I know that I want to still live everyday, sharing at least some piece of info that can still help yet, one more person.

So, please come and join me. I will promise you that I will always try to bring you real information, and maybe some of my own thoughts and ideas on them. I will share with you my own stories, because I am hoping you will be able to take info from them and make something from them into your own life.

– Elinor


  1. I LOVE it – darling Elinor! I will look forward eagerly to each post.

    Going through Sophie’s gradual demise makes me conscious of every loving moment with her.

    A tender hug to Shomer and to you too.

  2. New blog! Nice! Let’s see where you are heading here! I thought you already had a blog, so a little bit surprised to see this one. But maybe I mix this up in my mind with some of the (yummy food) videos I saw from you.

    Sorry to hear about your dogs’ condition. Hope he will be fine!

    • HI Poster, yes, I think you might be thinking of my Healthy Dog and Cat website. I now have it directly linked to my Blog, so I can easily share and communicate. Also, I was using my FB page, which is also linked to this. At least I am working on that. Hope this works.
      I have lots to share and talk with you about.

  3. Congratulations Elinor! I can’t wait to read the next installment of your blog (I’m looking foward to some great recipes).

  4. Wonderful start, Elinor! You are absolutely amazing in your dedication to sharing all that you have learned about pets and human animals in your (relatively) short and amazing life.
    I am sending this to some friends with pets, and will put out on facebook also with your presumed permission…isn’t internet wonderful for our purposes of sharing…Moshe thought it would be TelStar that travelled his work around the globe, I often wonder how he would have creatively used the world wide web, certainly you are pioneering! and your Youtube chronicles cannot help but show how our wonderful work works. Thank you for this, you make it easier for all of us!
    All the zest, Deborah Lotus

  5. Hi Elinor,

    Yes, I love your posts of the different forums that I belong to, it helps me to keep plugged in to the world wide net, as I live in a country community in Australia. I am waiting for more installments.

  6. Just want to say your article is as amazing. The clearness in your post is just great and i can assume you are
    an expert on this subject. Well with your permission allow
    me to grab your feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post.
    Thanks a million and please continue the rewarding work.

    • Wonderful! I’m so happy you like it. I am brewing some more of my sharing up for you soon!

  7. Hi Elinor,
    I came home this evening after a full day of the brain,gut,psoas connection through the vagas nerve. It all makes sense to me …feeling very motivated to learn more.
    Thank you

  8. Hi Elinor, I have, very recently, discovered feldenkrais thanks to Robert Sussuma. He has saved me in several occasions and has recommended me your reflux courses, which I have already watched and I am now reading all your posts and making a list of all the books I should read. It is simply amazing how much can be done with such little effort and the difference it makes to my well being. Thank you for existing 😀 What you guys do is amazing and the world should know and be made aware. I can’t help thinking about people who I know would benefit from all this. If you organise anymore courses, I’d love to attend virtually.
    BTW, I am writing from the north west of Spain, lovely region called Galicia. Thank you for everything youbare sharing so generously. Betty xxx

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