Elinor and Louie’s dinner especialle!

It all started when I hired Louie to create a rather large patio shade fabric draw for us in our outdoor dining area. I was tired of umbrellas everywhere. We talked, we designed, we re-designed and then talked more about food and wine. You see, Louie and his wife, Joyce are fine connoisseurs of wine, for they blend their own and sell to friends and family.

Louie is an incredible home cook, and as you can see, even somewhat sweetly shy about his food accomplishments.

We made an evening a few days before our big party to practice on our spouses. Seriously lucky! And we followed each other around the kitchen as we created our feast.

It was by far not all the food, and maybe we’ll show the appetisers another day. But, I think you will enjoy the play and delicious recipes we are sharing with you. Yes, there was more, but those were made on the party nite. I didn’t want to overdo the video.

I hope you enjoy, and more importantly, I hope you get some delicious ideas. Now, you go out and share these with your friends and loved ones! Eat, drink, and be merry! In a delicious and healthy way, that is, of course, you’ll see!



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