Miles, Teaching Mom use of hands

Elinor Silverstein

Elinor Silverstein

I have been working with Miles for a short time. Previously, I worked with him about one year ago only a few times. His diagnosis is Cerebral Palsy, from his cord wrapped around his neck during delivery. He went a very long time without oxygen before finally being deliverd via C-section. His mom is incredible beyond belief and so is her hub. Miles has two incredible parents who love him the size of the whole world.

Miles has not slept thru the nite in the past several months, meaning, neither has Mom. She has slept on the floor in his room, on the floor in the hallway outside his room, and anywhere else she could so she can be close enough to him due to concerns from his seizures.

Mom is also a dance teacher and has danced all of her life.

I love dance, so, you’ll hear me use some dance metaphors, how perfect is that??

Lately, Miles has become quite aware of not wanting someone else work with him, so, pleeeease turn down the volume in the very beginning til he quiets down. You’ll see how we creatively turn this lesson into a lesson for both Miles and Mom. Incredible! Who better, than Mom, I alwasy say.

So, click, sit back, waaaay back in the just the beginning and watch, learn, and enjoy.

And of course, you know, I always say, Share, Share, Share! It’s what makes the world go around for sure!

– Elinor Silverstein


  1. Thank you for this great post and nice videos!

    Watching the videos I have the impression Miles stopped screaming every time he got weight (e.g. through your arm, through his body on the roller) on his upper chest.

    What are your thoughts on this observation?

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