Vagus and Trigeminal Nerve, Rest and Relax

This video is the third video about the Vagus System and includes working with the Trigeminal Nerve. If you have not registered to see the first two videos, please click here. If you have already registered, you received a link in your email and make sure to BOOKMARK the page you will find it there.


  1. This is great! Thank you! I too believe we need to share far and wide – we have so much to help people right now! Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge. I am sharing this with a client who had trigeminal nerve damage. Thank you!!!

  2. Hello, dear Elinor,
    In the short text, there is also a reference to an earlier 3-video-mini-training about the Vagus Nerve System. The one that says: “If you have not registered to see the first two videos, please click here. ”

    I’ve tried clicking on the link but when I want to sign up/subscribe the system tells me I am already subscribed – which is great but doesn’t get me any closer to seeing your first two videos about the Vagus Nerve System .

    Can you help me? So far, I’ve watched everything I could get my hands on, your teaching style is so energetic and positive! Just wonderful, your enthusiasm is palpable, so good! Especially since I’ve lost mine somewhere on the way…

    All my best wishes from Spain,

  3. Hello Elinor,
    I watch your session at the Feldenkrais Awareness Summit last night and quickly resonant with what you are sharing as my autism son hass lots of the issues you mentioned. You said you have a video for the viewer to try on the abdominal touch to help with vagal tone?? But i couldnt find any link to your video you mention. could your team kindly forward the video to me please. Thank you so so much.

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