New Face Shield vs Cloth Face Masks, The Answer is Clear

I have the privilege of talking with Blake Miremont, CEO and owner of Architectural Plastics co. You probably want to know why would I interview this man? Because he has come to the rescue creating proper face shields for what we hope to be millions of people during these COVID days.

People have rushed to making or buying face masks and it leaves with me grave concerns. We are meant to inhale oxygen, 02, and really nothing else but that. When we exhale, we send out the waste product from cellular metabolism called carbon dioxide, C02. We are NOT meant to re-inhale this waste product. There are a couple of other obvious things we eliminate from our body as waste product and you would never give it another thought to re-ingest those, right? Then whey would we do this to our own blood by inhaling back what we just sent out.

The problem with wearing cloth, etc face masks for any prolonged period of time, is it will cause what is being exhaled to be re-inhaled, and unfortunately that is not oxygen. Eventually, our blood can become oxygen deficient, as will our heart and brain. And that is a no-no in the field of neurology and the living.

The side effects of the much needed, life-giving oxygen being replaced with carbon dioxide can be: increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, light headedness, dizziness, nausea, trouble seeing, confusion, fainting and worse.

Now, for the sake of your life and others, and the future of your healthy brain functioning so you will be able to think clearly using your health pre-frontal cortex, I offer you this smart idea of a simple and affordable face shield, by Blake and his company that he literally turned around in order to help us all. Thank you Blake and to all who are reaching forward to help everyone in these times.

Here is the contact info for orders: He has already lowered the price because so many people are ordering it. Make sure to say, “Hi,” from Elinor so he can see how far we can share his goodness. What a real mensch!

warmly and in excellent health,

Elinor Silverstein


  1. Thanks for the info! I left a comment on his contact us page and called me immediately and I was able to place an order!
    Thanks, Elinor for informing us and keeping me healthy and safe!

  2. I ordered 10. I asked if his logo or site would be on the mask in hopes that others could see where to order easily. But that is in the works. Thanks for the info I’m sharing.

  3. Hi Elinor, I did not see a comparison of the cloth mask to the shield as far as preventing droplets from getting under the shield. Great about oxygen but where is the data on preventing germs from getting in?

  4. Looks like a good product but unfortunately working in the hospital we are obliged to wear a mask at all times once we enter the building and throughout our entire shift due to CDC and hospital “guidelines”. In addition to the face shield we wear during direct patient care. This has become mandatory to wear any kind of surgical or cloth mask at all times now no matter if it is proven to be effective or not ( or the opposite). I guess the face shield can be a good alternative in the community. Inhaling so close to plastic over longer periods may have it’s own health issue though…

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