Movement Solutions for Back Pain, with Ruthy Alon

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the tracks? The track being your spine. Nothing like being movement person myself, for all these years and finally giving in this morning to putting on a back brace contraption.

Last weekend we rented a car and drive our son 8 hours up the coast from Orange County, Calif to San Francisco. We arrived and unloaded our car and schlepped up three flights of stairs to his new digs, then down the stairs and up again, more times than I can remember. We helped him unpack his things, momma-style, you know, with all that love. We went for dinner then dropped him off for his first night there. Went to our hotel across the city. And the next morning right after a lovely breakfast, we went shopping all over town to get whatever things he needed. You know, like furniture!

With more schlepping around town and lugging heavy items back up and down the stairs, we kissed him farewell and ran to the airport for a quick flight home.

Ok, add a lot of emotion, and way too much sitting in the car, and all that carrying items up and down to his new apartment, I was pooped and started to feel something speak to me in my left sacroiliac joint. No worries, I can work on it.

Apparently, not so. Each day it felt better and then worse. Why, you ask? Because I worked each day, cleaned my house, gardened, and more. When will I ever learn?

This morning with great pleasure I called Ruthy Alon on the phone to her home in Jerusalem to talk. Ruthy is the creator of the incredible “Movement IntelligenceĀ® Program.” The world is a small place and I love it. We got on Skype and she showed me some things to do for my low back. And for everyone’s low back. This is short, only 8 minutes and voila, I felt 98% better! So, now I have another tool in my belt for myself to to share with you.

The rest will be a piece of cake šŸ˜‰

Cheers to amazing intelligence. That’s “Movement Intelligence” with creator, Ruthy Alon.

Thank you Ruthy.

Love, Elinor


  1. This is priceless!!!! So glad to get this & pass it on. Thank you

  2. I have not been able to successfully register for your blog etc. The system says I will receive an email. Got first one. tried again. no second promised email.
    continues to say never heard of me.

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