Walk For Life Program

We just finished our first weekend program of Ruthy Alon’s, “Walk For LifeĀ®” course. It is based on using walking poles to help encourage upright walking. Rather than leaning heavily into the poles like many walkers do, we use them merely as an extension of our arms. They are meant to create a system of incorporating flexible ankles and shoulders so that we can begin to walk effortlessly. Can you imagine walking being so easy, fun and enjoyable that you wake up each morning wanting to go out and walk the walk?

Our “Walk For Life” program is created for just that. It is both invigorating and restorative at the same time by using yourself with ease and letting the poles organize your upper body in order to do that.

There are many processes that are taught using the poles in unconventional ways to encourage movement through the parts of our spine that have been long forgotten. We might use them behind our back and under our arms to move, create stability and flexibility at the same time. It is really quite amazing if you think about it. Only a child could be so creative with all the things we can do using walking poles and end up feeling better after only a few minutes.

Imagine every day growing younger and younger with a way of walking that literally can defy your age. Age is only numbers and those numbers don’t have to show in your walk. You can walk springy, upright and balanced. You can jump, leap and bound like in the good days before life’s boo boo’s caught up with you. It can even be possible to help many of those aches and pains by bringing more bounce back into your step. I know, I’ve done it for myself.

Now, I am not saying it will make things perfect. But, I can say, if you are open to learn to see what you can do to help yourself, then your possibilities can grow with a program learning like this.

Next time you hear about a class being taught by a “Movement Intelligence” Teacher, try out their class. You might just feel more spring in your step!


Elinor Silverstein

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  1. Elinor, Thanks
    I learned much and throughly enjoyed the weekend.
    Ben (the novice with Beth – the paddle and the oar)

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