Using Media to Be a Bully


Mina Law-Glassman, LMFT

Today I had the privilege to talk with one of my Feldenkrais students, Mina Law-Glassman who is a licensed marriage and family therapist. I asked her about what it means when people use media like Facebook and more to write horrible things about other people other than themselves, of course.

I gave her three examples, one of a well known therapist who specializes with trauma, another was of one of the actresses from the movie Ghostbusters, and lastly of Melania Trump and her recent speech that used way too many of Michelle Obama’s words. The false labeling, name calling, and horrible threats are stronger than anything I would dare to repeat here.

I asked Mina what does it do to our culture and what does it do to the person being called such names. And more so, what kind of people like this in public?  What might be their own personal stories. Here is some of her great insights that you can listen to.

My question to you, is who are you and what can we all do to quiet down the rage that is building here. How can we help ourselves and others around us to have the politicians and media discuss what is really at issue, rather than fight and name call. Can we change ourselves? I hope so.


Thank you Mina


Kindly,  Elinor Silverstein



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