Heart Hug and Movement Lesson Growing Love For Self and Other

Heart love between husband and wife

Today a couple came for a Feldenkrais® lesson. Actually, the husband brought his wife yesterday and today for two lessons to help her with severe lower back and hip pain. They have come a few times before, and because they fly in from another state, we always make a few lessons in a row and send home with lessons to do for ‘homework.’

This morning while we talked before the actual lesson started I realized we were already steeped deeply into our learning process before even lying on the table for one-on-one work we call Functional Integration®. As she sat on the edge of the table and I verbally took her through gentle movement to show her how to feel her body comfortably rather than her usual holding patterns that cause her such angst.

Out of the corner of my eye, sat her husband at the other end of the room doing the movement lesson I was guiding her through. So, what better thing to give them both the gift of a lesson just for them. What a beautiful and loving couple.

Lying on their back I guided them through two very simple processes. One is Linda Tellington-Jones, ‘Heart Hug’ and the other is Feldenkrais gently rocking the pelvis forward and back to connect thru the whole spine to the head.

TTOUCH Heart Hug is done by gently taking the hands on the sternum and moving the skin very easily and gently along the tissue beneath it in a circle and quarter motion. We add in breathing in while doing it and then a gentle grin and breath in through the nose and out through the mouth while smiling. This is known to increase oxytocin, the hormone for healing and happiness.

Here are a few pictures:


Rocking pelvis gently forward and back

Rocking pelvis gently forward and back

Heart Hug move

Heart Hug move

Afterward we could feel such love and peace in the room that we added in looking into each others eyes softly and lovingly.

love and peace with soft eyes

Love and peace with soft eyes

Holding arms and giving more love

Holding arms and giving more love

Mahal Tov, you may now kiss your bride of over 35 years!

Mazal Tov, you may now hug your bride of over 35 years!

It is so easy to give and receive love when you heart and mind are together in this state.          Go forth and love and share your love.

with warmth and kinship, Elinor                                                                                                                      https://onstickytopics.com


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