Being Thankful

My dear friend, Linda Tellington-Jones was badly injured at our local major airport, crashing down the escalator together with her luggage flipping over her head, landing on her and dragging her half way down the escalator before someone pushed the emergency button to stop all the madness.

With all her broken bones, what she kept saying was how thankful she was. She would give her thanks to the doctors, surgeon, and hospital staff each and every moment. She found the gifts and thanks in all the “small things” like, “It could have been worse, it could have been my head, or neck or spine, or hips,” she said. She is in awe of how differently it could have all turned out. And so am I.

I am truly understanding this concept of thankfulness in every moment. It has always been a mantra of mine, I grew up with it from both my parents. Now, I see it in Linda, and for this I am very thankful in this very important learning today.

Give yourself the gift of waking your spirit and remember to be thankful for for all things big and small.

Love and warm heart hugs, Elinor