TTOUCH® for More Energy

Do you ever wake up tired rather than refreshed? Ever have one of those mornings that you know drinking another cup of coffee will only leave you with the jitters rather than having more energy for the day?

Here is a wonderful, super easy technique to help you wake up, get that jump back in your step, and have a good dose of healthy energy for the day.

TTOUCH for More Energy

Linda Tellington-Jones created a beautiful way of specific touches to help for many health and well-being needs and desires. Here is one of my favorite that anyone can do. It is so simple and easy.

This morning I was working with a client and at the end she realized how tired she was. What a beautiful lesson to teach her to take for the day and any other time she needs to feel more perked up.

Warm Heart Hugs, Elinor Silversteinh

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