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I recently spent the weekend with my husband in Las Vegas. While, not my favorite city to be in, you’ll see the part I had so much fun with was watching people walk. I wish I filmed all the men who walked with their right hand in their front right pocket, constantly falling over their right leg. The same was for the few who walked with their left hand in their front left pocket. If the hand in the pocket correlated with the same leg they landed down hard on, it begs the question, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” I stayed behind each person long enough for each to take the hand out of the pocket, and yes, each person continued to fall over that same leg their hand had previously been in the pocket.

I am thinking, in the Feldenkrais way of looking at a person as their whole being of acting and moving, the arm actually didn’t move and swing freely in the first place, therefore simply tucking it into the pocket. After all, where else to put it?

After removing the hand from the pocket, they continued to fall over the leg, and I am guessing, eventually causing more strain to that hip and knee.

Here’s a big leap, or is it: Many people I have spoken with in my practice who have come after a hip replacement actually never suffered a previous hip injury. Same with sore knees, and shoulders. Could this chronic way of leaning into the wind cause structural damage in the long run? Just imagine constantly driving your car or bike on one low or flat tire, something’s going to give out before the warranty is up.

In these short videos, you can see variations of walking that are not exactly designed for the long haul. Which is why Ruthy Alon created a marvelous walking program called, “Walk For Life®.”

It is truly a brilliantly created program for walking in the easiest and upright way. We use walking poles in many variations. You’ll learn ease in ways you never thought imaginable.

Please come to our Walk For Life® program in Los Angeles, January 13-14, 2017.

You’ll learn such fun and easy ways to use walking poles to create better balance in walking and ease for the long run. You might even outlive your own warranty!



Elinor Silverstein



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