Histamine, When Too Much Of Good Thing Is Bad

Dr Patrick Hanaway, the Medical Director of the Cleveland Clinic for Functional Medicine, and I were talking this morning about something very important, something that effects the health of so many people. It is elusive and hides itself if you don’t know all of its symptoms. It’s not just in the Spring time when you get an itchy nose and sneeze. It can be a stuffy head or intestinal bloating. It can be acid reflux, diarrhea, sleep problems, asthma, and acne. Or it can show up as rashes, itching and Eczema. All the tissues are effected by this, including your head, thinking and headaches.

It’s called Histamine. Histamine is an organic compound that acts as a neurotransmitter which is very important to our well-being and functioning. But, since our body doesn’t ever really do just one thing, and everything is interrelated and repetition can be a very good thing, this compound is also deeply involved in our immune system. We don’t want to go without either of these two functioning in their top notch fashion. However, often times it is running over time and way too much of this important histamine is coursing through our system and that is when it wreaks havoc anywhere and everywhere.

So, you ask, what to do? How can we work with ourselves to help modulate our immune system to be better online and functioning for us and with us? Let’s start here with our talk with Dr Hanaway and let’s work with this together.

Bless you and may your body always be here for you and working well as you plan.

In kindness and good health, Elinor Silverstein                                                                                              https://onstickytopics.com




  1. Thank you. Really appreciate all that you are sharing and your enthusiasm. Opened up whole new areas. I need to listen to this a couple of times to take it all in. Need to research low histamine foods and leave off tomatoes which I love!

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