Don’t Cry For Me Trigeminal Nerve, The Truth Is I Never Left You

Who would have thought this song would have such great meaning to our own well-being.

The trigeminal nerve is the largest cranial nerve of the total 12 cranial nerves coming from the brain. Lately, while the vagus nerve has taken front stage, it is equally important to understand the job of the 5th cranial nerve called the Trigeminal Nerve. Starting in the brain and branching to the upper and lower jaw, it also branches to your eyes, especially the lacrimal gland just above your eye. The lacrimal gland is very important in making tears to lubricate your eyes.

Some think of aging as many things, but other things happen like dry eye. Just ask anyone born before 1959. Others start this earlier. No worries.

The trigeminal nerve also innervates to the upper jaw, lower jaw and to all the teeth. And very importantly, it also goes to the tongue. But before it goes here it passes thru the sinus area.
This nerve is huge and very thick. It is a heavy duty lifter of sorts. We don’t realize how much we depend on it until it goes wonky on us, or even when a baby is born with some feeding issues, such as latching on and nursing difficulties.

While there might be possible reasons for the trigeminal nerve to be inflamed or affected, I am thinking about TTOUCH work with the ears. TTOUCH is created by Linda Tellington-Jones, and she brings her brilliance to many of her ways of touching and healing.

The one touch here that captures my attention is the TTOUCH Ear work. You will see in the video how I explain the location of the trigeminal nerve and how we might actually be able to stimulate it to function the way it is designed. It is so simple and its location so easy to find and work with. Like my father used to say, “Try it, you’ll like it!”

There is so much rich conversation about this most amazing nerve and its branches and even more places it tends to go, like the ear, and no one really discusses this. But this is for another discussion, a very important discussion.

Let’s begin here. Help yourself, and even help your dogs and cats. We can truly help each other one ear rub at a time!

Below is a little trigeminal nerve anatomy for those who might want to see more.

with warmth and kindness- Elinor                                                                     

Trigeminal nerve anatomy


  1. Thank you for your comment, you are so right, I wondered also, why I was so ill from the flu when this never happens. Stubborn met stubborn. Then learning, then sharing!

  2. Question: I just reviewed your video again. I thought you had also mentioned on fb gently massaging the area where the Lacrimal gland is. Is that appropriate too?

  3. And, we talked about possibly using this T Touch for Tinnitus. You thought it would be useful. Do you or LInda Tellington have any suggestions for how often to do this with the ears?

  4. Oh Emily I simply love you!! Know why?? I suffered a whiplash 10 years ago. My head turned to the left when a driver bumped into my car from behind. Since then I have troubles with pain in my right ear, my teeth on the right side, feeling that my palate had sunk a little feeling sore. I have had migraine since the accident always in the right side.
    I can feel my pain release while rubbing my ear like you do. I am also a craino sacral therapist, Ellinor. Why I haven´t thought about it myself, I don´t know, but I am so happy to know, what to do about it – and I can help my clients. Thank you from my heart,

    • Dear Louise- You’re welcome but really all the appreciation we can direct towards Elinor.

  5. Elinor, Thank you so much for this. I tried the ear work for dry eye as you suggested. What surprised me was that after only a day or two I had relief from the tinnitus that has been bothering me for months! It’s come back a little on and off, but am continuing the ear work because nothing else has worked. This technique has so many potential benefits I’m telling all my friends 😉 Love you!!

  6. Love your blogs ! I’m going to try this on my dry eye. And I’m going to offer it to my sister who has Sjogrens. I also ask questions like, I wonder if disease is just the body reacting to stress. Now I’m going to get my anatomy book out !

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