Using the TTOUCH Heart Hug to help someone find calm in difficult times

Today a miracle happened, a mother of a young adult was able to rescue her daughter in a moment of being absolutely out of control, both emotionally and physically. This mother, Beth, used a little known miracle touch called the ‘Heart Hug,’ created by Linda Tellington-Jones. Linda is the creator of TTOUCH and has taught her simple TTouches around the world to people for their animals and for themselves. Her touches have saved people in times of panic, heart attack, serious road-side injuries and more. She is a brilliant woman and teacher.

I would like to share a beautiful story of Beth Rubenstein, a fellow Feldenkrais Practitioner and dear friend, of how she used this to help her daughter mid-meltdown to regain herself and even come to a better more thoughtful emotional place after using this simple touch. Actually, Beth did it for her, which makes it even more amazing. It helped her daughter so much, she had to share this story.

Sometimes, we just need a little helping hand to get ourselves back up so we can be the better part of who we really are.

Thank you Beth for sharing your amazing story of loving your daughter who is wonderful, I’ve met her! And to Linda for creating this most amazing work that is so simple to learn and to do.

You’ll see in other videos how we’ve used the Heart Hug to help us with our own health and well-being.

In loving kindness, always,

Elinor Silverstein, creator of “The Gut-Brain Connection”                   


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  1. Elinor, I am a GCFP and PTA, really enjoy reading your website and have attended your Brain Gut Connection class in Seattle. I am writing because I have a client with PCOS, polycyctic ovary syndrome, with multiple other comorbidities, but she has asked my advice as far as food, supplements and trying to loose weight. Is there any direction you could point me in?

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