What’s Heavy Metal Got to Do With It??

Let’s talk dirt on metal.

At the sake of aggravating my friends who are dentists, we are going to talk about heavy metals and their implication in muscle and joint pain.

In the over thirty years I have been practicing as a Feldenkrais Practitioner, I have seen a lot of people who suffer from pain. Some of who have suffered their whole adult life. The familiar story goes something like this.. I, myself, have suffered the woes of back pain much of my life from a couple of big injuries to my spine. Always, coming out on top, so to speak, because of the beautifully organized movement lessons created by Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, designed to teach us how to use our bodies more efficiently, and easily. Thank you Moshe! Life can bring the unsuspected in injuries, and who are those who will heal from it and who might not? Moshe felt that if you can use yourself in an organized, self-aware way, you will have a much better chance to heal in an excellent way, rather than taking that old proverbial football injury with you wherever you go.

But, what happens when you’ve done all that? You did your due diligence in aware moving, flexing and extending your body in all cardinal directions, breathing and having your basically good life, but still are wracked with angst in your muscles and certain joint areas. Sacroiliac, anyone?!

Cheers and let’s make a toast to knowing what you need to know about heavy metals and oh, the places they go! There are metals, and there are heavy metals. You want the good metals like zinc, iron, copper and more in a small, balanced order because they do so much good for you. But, you NEVER need heavy metals like aluminum, lead, mercury, arsenic, and a few others. And then, there are some that you can use in small doses and they do you good, while too much can be poisoning to your nervous system and total well-being.

For myself, I am a decent mover and shaker of my own body, yet, still got tied up in unreasonable pain on occasion. My own husband knows the way to greet me when he comes home from work each day is by hugging me and rubbing my low back at the same time. I am simply putty in his hands after that!

I started thinking about why I am so often in angst in these certain areas, as they were becoming the bane of my very existence. And I had my doctor run a heavy metals analysis.. and voila, loads of lead, along with a few other magnetic forces to be reckoned with. After only two weeks of oral chelation, my foggy head that I wasn’t even aware of cleared up, but better than that, holy cow, the pain in my low back, sacroiliac joint and more disappeared, Never to come back! What, you ask? How could that be? It became completely clear to me that my own muscles were harboring these metals, possibly to keep them out of my vital organs and brain. Thank you muscles and joints for not letting these thieves hide in my blood and get to my very important organs and brain. Thank you for not letting them ruin my very existence.

As I took this idea into my practice, because that is what we Feldenkrais Practitioners do, I worked at getting a few of my seriously chronically pained clients to get their doctors to run a heavy metals analysis on them, and poof! Loads of heavy metals, and I mean loads! I knew I was giving them seriously excellent lessons and really helping them with their back and body with good results, but not as excellent as it should have been. Now, as we are chelating out the metals from them with the help of their medical doctors and naturpaths, they are improving leaps and bounds.

We were sold a bill of goods that says you will have pain and become decrepit as you age. But, this is not necessarily so in this way. If we work to keep these harbingers of pain out of our body we will live much healthier lives. If we add moving beautifully and elegantly as we do with Feldenkrais lessons, we will live healthier and with so much more happiness and spring in our step. When we add the jumps and springiness that Movement Intelligence gives us, we will improve our balance, walking and running in ways we have never imagined before! So, go get your walking poles, wraps, and movement lessons and improve your life. Get the metals out of your body with a well-trained practitioner and you can live with so much more clarity in your head and dignity in your body. Like they say, “May you live ’til 120!”


To Life!

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  1. Great, so how do we get rid of all those heavy metals in our systems. What would be the first steps?

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