Almost Paleo, definitely Raw!

Almost PaleoWhat a nice way to start your morning, a breakfast loaded with easy and gentle to digest protein from more sources you can count on both hands. You’re sure to get a winner from this!

  • Last night before bed, I chopped up a handful of almonds and soaked them in filtered water.
  • grated one large organic apple, added juice of one orange from my garden and its zest. Let soak in separate bowl.
  • on the bottom of a 6×8 pyrex dish, I added uncooked oats, ground flax, chia seeds, chopped walnuts, sunflower seeds, ground cinnamon and lastly, shredded unsweetened organic coconut, and small sprinkle of non-heated sea salt for minerals.
  • in a small bowl I whisked together tahini with a very small amount of locally grown honey.
  • took out a 1/2 bag of organic frozen blueberries and let defrost in the frig overnight.

This morning, while the coffee was dripping and my dogs and cats were drooling, I spoon-blended the orange soaked, shredded apple into the oat-nut mix. Threw in the defrosted blue berries, and drizzled the very lightly honey-sweetened tahini sauce on top and almost voila! What the heck, for some more blood sugar balancing act, I sprinkled a little extra cinnamon on top of the mixture and even added a drizzle of premium coconut oil on top of this absolutely delicious breakfast!

I literally had my short-chain, medium chain, and long chain fatty acids in this meal. My cholesterol will lower, my blood sugar will balance, I will be leaner, nicer, and the world will be cured of all its woes. Ok, at least that is what it feels like after eating such a nice breakfast this morning. Make this ahead of time and you will have such a wonderfully balancing meal, too. You can add coconut yogurt or goat yogurt to it, too, to add some deliciously creaminess. Bon appetite!

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  1. You left out that it’s full of oxalates, lectins, phenols, salicylates and phytates.

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